september 19, 2020

Don & Kathy


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Our Story

We were celebrating Don’s birthday while on vacation in Rome, Italy. After dinner, he wanted to go for a walk to see the Pantheon at night, without all the crowds. We put on our rain jackets, grabbed and umbrella and walked the cobblestone streets in the rain. While standing in the square, we listened to a podcast about the history of the structure, and once it ended, Don dropped down on one knee and proposed. The following day, we visited as many jewelry shops as time allowed to find the perfect ring, landing on one created by a Roman jewelry maker who’s family has made rings for generations in the historic city - A keepsake to cherish for a lifetime!



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Stay &

In lieu of the traditional hotel block, we recommend booking accommodations at the following establishments. This will keep you in close proximity to the venue and downtown McMinnville, so a warm bed is only a short walk away from the festivities!


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& Registry

Our guest list was a careful curation of the people who are most special to both of us. We are so honored that you can join us. Please click the link below and RSVP to ensure we have a proper guest count for the best. wedding. ever.

Find more information on our Registry page.


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McMinnville, Oregon

We will be holding the ceremony and reception in McMinnville, Oregon - A location that means so much to both the bride and the groom. Kathy grew up 7 miles south of McMinnville, making it a large part of where she grew up. Don attended Linfield College and lived in McMinnville during his undergrad. Mutual friends from Linfield are what eventually brought the couple together.

(Shout out to Nico and Maris.)


The Venue

Mac Market

1140 NE Alpine Ave
McMinnville, OR 97128